Why You Should Switch to a Standing Desk

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I have had many question about standing desks so I thought I would show you some potential benefits of switching.  As you may have heard, sitting is the new smoking. In fact a recent Scientific American article, called Killer Chairs: How Desk Jobs Ruin Your Health goes as far as saying, “chairs are lethal”.  Sitting for prolonged periods has been linked to many health problems. A few of the conditions related to prolonged sitting include weight gain, poor posture; neck, shoulder and back pains, varicosities, leg pain, and general poor circulation.


For those working in front of their desks or computers; standing or adjustable desks have been devised to allow motion during work. It allows the person to stand up instead of sitting down for prolonged periods.


Why should you make to switch?


  • When your body is in motion while you stand, your mind also becomes more focused giving you more work productivity.
  • When you are seated, it’s easy to slouch and let the chair do much of the work of holding you in an upright position. Standing enables you to engage your core and legs and thus keep your body more active and flexible throughout the day.
  • Once your body adapts to standing, some of your nagging aches and pains may decrease or even disappear as joint mobility and muscle strength improves.
  • For weight conscious individuals, standing desks can also help you burn those unwanted calories in your body.
  • Studies show that exercise after a day’s work does not reverse the negative effects of prolonged sitting. It seems that the only way to prevent the complications of prolonged sitting is to avoid sitting for prolonged period of time.
  • Standing improves your circulation especially in the dependent areas of the body.
  • Standing can improve your posture by keeping your hips open and forcing you to use muscles throughout your body to maintain proper posture.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to stand all of the time. Many stand up desks raise and lower and you can keep a stool or ball nearby for when you need a break. The important thing is to figure out what works for you. Have questions about the proper set up of a standup desk or want to schedule an appointment? Call us now at 763-494-4900.

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