Causes of Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

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People that have chronic neck and shoulder pain have the following three things in common.


  1. Lower muscle mass in the upper body. This is an indication of poor physical condition.  Weakness and a decreased ability to withstand postural forces likely leads to increased pain.
  2. Less body water was noted. Dehydration of tissues can lead to higher level of pain.
  3. Increased fat deposits and fatty tissue. Increased weight and poor physical condition can be a factor leading to chronic neck and shoulder pain.


These finding were a result of a recent study of the body composition of 273 people that was published in the Journal of BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2015, 16:333.


The implications are clear that we need to drink more fluids, maintain or increase or physical condition and watch our weight when it comes to developing and managing chronic neck and shoulder pain.


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