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Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage were big winners last week in an important report from the American College of Physicians as they came out with guidelines for treating low back pain.  The recommendation was based on a review of all controlled trials of various forms of treatment for low back pain.   First they put they low back pain patients into three categories: Acute low back pain of less than 12 weeks. Chronic low back pain of more than 12 weeks. Low back pain… Read more »
  A large study of 1334 patients in the United Kingdom set out to answer the question of what helps back pain.  Patients were randomly assigned to 4 groups.    The 4 groups were: best care” advice from medical doctors, stretching and exercise, chiropractic adjustments, and exercise and chiropractic adjustments.  The patients were followed for 12 months.  The patients who had the best outcomes were the group that received both chiropractic adjustments and exercise.  Chiropractic adjustments alone had a better outcome than exercise alone. … Read more »
I have had many question about standing desks so I thought I would show you some potential benefits of switching.  As you may have heard, sitting is the new smoking. In fact a recent Scientific American article, called Killer Chairs: How Desk Jobs Ruin Your Health goes as far as saying, “chairs are lethal”.  Sitting for prolonged periods has been linked to many health problems. A few of the conditions related to prolonged sitting include weight gain, poor posture; neck, shoulder and back pains, varicosities,… Read more »
  People that have chronic neck and shoulder pain have the following three things in common.   Lower muscle mass in the upper body. This is an indication of poor physical condition.  Weakness and a decreased ability to withstand postural forces likely leads to increased pain. Less body water was noted. Dehydration of tissues can lead to higher level of pain. Increased fat deposits and fatty tissue. Increased weight and poor physical condition can be a factor leading to chronic neck and shoulder… Read more »

The Most Common Problem I Treat

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    Because the low back bears much of the upper body’s weight and is a key stress point in body movements, the most common problem I see is called mechanical low back pain.  This is simply a problem with the function, position and movement of the spinal joints and with the supporting muscles that move these joints. If the spinal joints, muscles and discs are not working smoothly together you can develop pain and dysfunction in the lower back.     The problem may… Read more »
Sciatica – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment   The sciatic nerve begins in your lower back and runs through your buttock region, down the back of your thigh and lower leg and all the way to your foot. Pain along this path is called “sciatica” because of its association with this nerve. Sciatica occurs when the nerve is injured, irritated or pinched at any point along this path. This can happen from something as simple as sitting at your desk all day – compressing… Read more »
Unfortunately for the millions of people suffering from chronic low back pain, there is no one certain cure. The key is to find what works for you, often through trial and error.   For best results, try a well-rounded approach. Try them out, and let me know which ones work for you.   Release your inner endorphins Endorphins, hormones made naturally in the body, can be just as strong as any manufactured pain medication. When endorphins are released in the body, they help… Read more »

Low Back Pain Relief

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  What Causes Low Back Pain?   Ever wonder what causes low back pain?  The following can cause you to have an increased chance of having lower back pain.  As in most medical problems, prevention is largely due to controlling or eliminating the risk factors as much as possible.           Low Back Pain Risk Factors   Risk Factors You Can’t Control   Family or genetic history of problems Middle age Previous injury Pregnancy Congenital back problems Previous low back… Read more »
In the past it was recommended that you stretch before your workout because it would help your performance and reduce the risk of injuries.  The science behind this thinking has changed. Numerous research studies have shown that some types of stretching can enhance your workout while others do not improve or reduce your athletic capabilities.   There are different methods of stretching but the two main types are static and active.   Static stretching is a type of stretch whereby a person stretches… Read more »
      For a long time, doctors and non-doctors alike have been recommending the painkiller acetaminophen (paracetamol) — more popularly known as Tylenol — for a wide array of pains, including lower back pain. But now a new Australian study, published in medical journal The Lancet, has found that Tylenol does nothing to help lower back pain and is just as efficient at alleviating pain as a placebo sugar pill.     “Simple analgesics such as paracetamol might not be of primary importance in the management of acute… Read more »