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Sciatica – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment   The sciatic nerve begins in your lower back and runs through your buttock region, down the back of your thigh and lower leg and all the way to your foot. Pain along this path is called “sciatica” because of its association with this nerve. Sciatica occurs when the nerve is injured, irritated or pinched at any point along this path. This can happen from something as simple as sitting at your desk all day – compressing… Read more »
When you have spinal pain there are many options out there from rest, mediation, heat/ ice to surgery.  While there are many options, chiropractic adjustments and treatments are the go-to option for millions of people.  Here are five reasons why:   Speeds Pain Relief Chiropractors can often identify the mechanical issues that are the cause of your spine related pain.  Relief can often follow a correction of your spinal mechanics.   Restores Motion in Your Stiff Joints Part of the reason chiropractic adjustments can… Read more »