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Colds & Flu Tip – Preventing the Flu

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  Here’s information on how to take preventative steps to protect yourself from colds, flu and other infections.   Probably the single best measure you can take is to wash your hands often and keep them away form your eyes and nose.   Take the time to wash under your fingernails as this is where some bacteria and viruses are harbored. Try to avoid contact with people who have a respiratory illness. Get enough sleep, relaxation and rest.  Running yourself down will lead… Read more »

Is Running Actually Bad For Your Knees?

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  In an article written by K. Aleisha Fetters she states that the most common running injuries hit the knees. But running isn’t to blame.   “Running gets a bad rap, but running can strengthen the knee, and those who run throughout their lives have stronger knees than those who don’t,” according to physical therapist Michael Silverman, P.T., M.S.P.T., coordinator of the Tisch Performance Center at the Hospital for Special Surgery.   In fact, the largest study of runners ever completed, which was… Read more »