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  Low back pain (LBP) can arise from many causes. Nearly everyone has or will suffer from LBP at some point in time, though it is most common in the 30-year-old to 50-year-old group and it affects men and women equally. However, what can happen to your spine as it ages.   We’ve all heard of the “wear and tear” factor as it applies to clothing, automobiles, shoes, and tires, but it affects our bones and joints too! A condition that none of us can… Read more »
    Everyone’s at risk. Thanks to a complex network of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles in your lower back, it doe  sn’t take lifting a 40-pound bag of concrete  to experience work-related low back pain. Even something as simple as reaching for a dropped pen during a meeting can cause painful results.   Americans are estimated to spend at least $85 billion each year on back pain. Source: Mercer Health and Benefits, 2009   Chiropractic care has a long and consistent history… Read more »