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Get Moving and Boost Your Brain Power

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Movement charges your brain’s “battery” while also allowing you a greater opportunity to think more clearly, behave correctly, have more energy, and most important function better.   Each day millions of messages are sent to your brain from the nerves in your spine by the movements that you make. Just as sun and water are needed to make flowers grow, movement is an essential nutrient for brain function and development. Current research has proven what I believe chiropractic has known all along: that… Read more »
Disc bulge, Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
Water is essential to human health and wellness and this is evident when we look at how much of the human body consists of water.  It is essential to the cartilage that both lubricates and protects our joints.  It is also essential to the intervertebral discs that exist to cushion and protect our spines.  On average, water makes up approximately 60% of the weight of the human body.  It is vital for important bodily functions such as maintenance of normal blood composition and… Read more »