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By Dr. Michael Noonan   My patients often bring a CD to their first visit that has MRI studies of their problem area, usually the low back. The images are really breathtaking from a health care standpoint — you can scroll through images of the spine, seeing “slices” at regular intervals, from left to right, then top to bottom. The report from the radiologist lists the flaws seen on the films, typically disc bulging and degeneration, and some joint degeneration as well.  … Read more »
What we know about sitting and standing - Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
In our modern sedentary culture we sit way too much. That’s clearly the conclusion of the research. But that research also highlights the obvious remedy: standing!   About Sitting Global studies show, on average, we sit 7.7 hours a day, and some results estimate people sit up to 15 hours a day.   Excessive sitting impacts our body’s metabolic system: “Today, our bodies are breaking down from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and the cascade of health ills and everyday malaise… Read more »