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Leg and Low Back Pain - Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
Running is an activity that involves repetitive stress and impact, sometimes for a long duration. People who have an underlying lower back problem can find running or jogging makes their pain worse or leads to additional types of pain, such as sciatica (leg pain, weakness or numbness).   Running puts a high level of repetitive stress on the back, and for those with lower back problems it is particularly important to take measures to reduce the strain on the lower back.   In… Read more »
Dr.Google Evaluating Health Information - Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
Self-diagnosis on the web is dangerous – here’s why.  Your computer is missing more than a lab coat; it also lacks the diagnostic reasoning that goes on in your doctor’s head.  Your search can induce panic as it can lead you to worst case scenarios. It may be better to see a doctor early than engaging in the web with fear and anxiety.  The web is great way to compliment your doctor’s diagnosis, not replace it.  News stories often overstate the findings of… Read more »
14 Tips to Show Your Heart Some Love - Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
Quit smoking and convince others around you to do so. Smoking is very toxic and it causes early heart disease, raises blood pressure and can lead to sudden major cardiac events. Consider a smoking cessation class Eat a healthy diet, rich in vegetables, fruit and whole grains, and limit your consumption of saturated and trans fats. Choose lean cuts of meat and remember that fish, such as salmon, tends to be better for you than large portions of red meat, according to the… Read more »