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Movement is Key to Health - Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
Back in 9th grade biology class I remember learning that one of the ways to determine if something is alive is to see if it has movement. Life lies in movement. Show me someone who does not move well and I will show you someone with declining health. As a chiropractor I am ultimately concerned with movement. The movement I am concerned with happens on three different levels.   The first and most obvious level is whole body movement or exercise. The benefits… Read more »
Myths and Facts About Pain - Park East Chiropractic Brooklyn Park MN
Fact: Weather Can Affect Pain If your joint pain gets worse when it’s cold or raining, it’s not your imagination. Although studies have shown mixed results, changes in barometric pressure can cause some people — especially people with arthritis — to have increased pain in their joints. Experts think this is because the change in barometric pressure affects joint pressure.   Myth: Rest Is Good For Back Pain Although short rest may be prescribed, it’s best to remain active. Experts say that complete… Read more »